Starting March 5, 2025

San Diego, CA


Bernie McGuinness

President and CEO | Journey Skilled Nursing

Bernie McGuinness

Bernie McGuinness is an experienced executive leader in Post-Acute Care.   Mr. McGuinness began his career as a certified nursing assistant and immediately fell in love with long-term care.   Mr. McGuinness pursued his career by becoming a licensed practical nurse and later a comprehensive health facility administrator.   Bernie used his clinical background to advance his career and made his name as an administrator running large urban facilities that were in need of operational stabilization.   He became a multi-facility manager and helped with acquiring over 45 facilities in 8 years for one organization.   Focusing on key strategies for turnaround or stabilization and gained an understanding of culture in the organization and how to impact culture.

He took this knowledge and experience and became a multi-state operator as COO for a smaller organization and assisted in their growth to a new state.    During this time, he became more involved with ownership level issues and began relationships with lenders, REIT’s and vendor contracting.   All the while pursuing his on-line education.

Bernie used this knowledge and experience to become the co-founder of Majestic Care and Bluegrass Consulting Group.  He served as the Chief Executive Officer for both organizations and has vast experience in post-Acute care and acquisitions.  These organizations grew from the initial 4 facilities to represent over 46 Senior Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities throughout the Midwest.   He helped oversee the acquisition of facilities in four states, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Kentucky.   These additions to the Majestic Care family were from large national operators to local long-term ownership, not for profit sellers and religious based organizations.  Each acquisition proved to be a new opportunity to focus on the culture of each organization and absorbing the strengths into the organization.   Focusing on the leadership of the facility and identifying strong leaders became a strength during this 5-year journey.

Mr. McGuinness achieves success in building strong engaged teams, regulatory turnarounds, and occupancy success.  Among his many accomplishments, he embraces technological innovations to meet the continuous change of healthcare.   He focuses on relationships within the local healthcare community through strategic partnerships and clinical programs.  He believes healthcare is very local and is managed best at the local leadership level.

With this in mind, Bernie and partners have launched Journey Skilled Nursing whose vision is to Change the World, One Heart at a Time.  Through Bernie’s leadership, the organizations is focused on culture focused on the Care Team members. Recognizing the contributions, celebrating the achievements, and keeping the commitment to take care of the Journey Team as they take care of our residents is what propels Journey’s mission.